Auditions — Macbeth/The Tempest

Macbeth Tempest Teaser

Building on the success of our Shakespeare season of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest, Fingerless Theatre is at it again.

In 2020, Fingerless is mounting back-to-back productions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and The Tempest at the Giant Dwarf in Redfern. The season is marketed predominantly towards school audiences, with morning and afternoon shows, and at least one evening for each play.

Macbeth runs from 30th March to 3rd April, and Tempest runs from 18th-22nd May.

To express interest, send an email to

Just a Short Break on a Hafgufa

Hafgufa Poster

“Meeting an emigrant is like watching a movie from the middle. You don’t know how it started.”

In a house in Western Sydney, four Middle Eastern emigrants reflect on the lives they have lost, the lives they have found, and the lives they have taken.

This new work by Persian playwright Kian Farzam is an exploration of the struggle to put down roots in foreign soil.

Directed by Alex Kendall Robson, the play is predominantly in English.

Just a Short Break on a Hafgufa has content and language that some audiences might find distressing.

Cast: Shayan Askari, Jade Fuda, Adeeb Razzouk, Eli Saad

Tickers available here.